Example: WC

the constant [enum('line'|'word'|'byte')] Integer Counter(0...);

the function main(
  that constant [Int] constant String args,
  return Int rc
) yyy :
  my Counter total;

  std.output.printf("   lines   words   bytes file\n");
  foreach my @ arg (args):
    my Blob input(std.file.read(arg))
      else std.error.die("Can not read file $arg: $std.file.error");

    my (Counter local, Bool inword('false'));
    foreach my @ c (input):
      local['byte'] :+ 1;
      if (c = ord(Ascii('\n'))):
        local['line'] :+ 1;
      :elsif (c /= ord(Ascii(' '))):
	next if (inword='true');
        inword := 'true';
        local['word'] :+ 1;
        inword := 'false';
    std.output.printf("%8lu%8lu%8lu %.*s\n",local.*, arg);
    total :+ local;
  if (args.length > 2):
      "%8lu%8lu%8lu total",total.*);
  return 0;